cloud migration

choosing the right model for every workload

cloud migration‚Äč

choosing the right model for every workload

After choosing the right strategy, operating model, and ecosystem for your business, Bespin Global’s experts will begin the process of smooth and seamless migration to the cloud through the following sub-service deliveries:

  • Executing the cloud migration strategy for all workloads, as identified during our Cloud Readiness Assessment.
  • Migration Testing: Ensure and verify all data and applications migrated to the cloud are accessible and operational to the client.
  • Ensure team awareness regarding the newly optimized processes, gained through access to a fully functional cloud-based ecosystem.

Our team of experts will lead you through the entire process, using a structured approach to identify the optimal strategy – be it rehosting, refactoring, revising, rebuilding, or retiring and replacing your applications – for each workload. We’ll also migrate your data to a database environment that is optimized to suit your needs, ensuring top-notch performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Why Bespin Global?

Global Partnerships

We partner with the leading hyper scalers across all key geographic locations.

Strong Local Experiences

Centrally located in the heart of the country, our experts have the experience and expertise to execute successful migrations onto the cloud.

A Certified Partner

Certified as an MSP Partner on all major cloud platforms, we only provide the best that the cloud has to offer.

Bespin’s delivery team works closely with clients using automated migration tools to ensure the best migration experience for all organizations, whilst our infrastructure teams help maintain business infrastructures throughout the transition period, thus minimizing disruptions as the client migrates onto new systems.

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