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Operating on the cloud for more than 10 years, BESPIN GLOBAL has vast experience helping clients of different sizes and industries safely, efficiently, and reliably migrate their databases onto the AWS Cloud. We do this by ensuring that the applications dependent on these databases face minimal downtime by continually keeping their source fully operational throughout the migration phase. We support our clients through every journey, whether that be homogeneous migrations from Oracle to Oracle or a heterogeneous migration from Oracle or Microsoft SQL to Amazon Aurora, the latter accomplished by leveraging the powers of the AWS schema conversion tool.

Bespin's Commitments

ensuring the planned migration has minimal or virtually no downtime

We maintain visibility and make informed decisions by monitoring the continuous progress of replication to the target. Our AWS experts also ensure that the source database is fully functioning during the migration process and does not affect business operations.

conveniently setting up replication tasks based on client requirements

Even with dynamic workloads, RDS’s built-in storage auto-scaling feature will automatically scale storage capacities to match business needs, while the read replica feature provides durability, by serving all read requests to offload computing usage from the main RDS.

a highly available, fault tolerant, and automatic recovery solution

Even though issues may arise during the migration process, the DMS service is designed to restart the migration by checking where it last stopped and continuing from there on forward. In case of high-availability migration and data replications, our experts utilize the Multi-AZ feature by enabling redundant replication instances, thus providing reliable solutions that meet client expectations.

supporting your homogeneous and heterogeneous database migrations

Managing the migration of your data to and from the most widely used commercial & open-source databases. Migrations can be from on-premises databases to Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2, databases running on EC2 to RDS, or vice versa.

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