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microsoft workloads on aws

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Operate Windows-Based Solutions on Amazon EC2 Instances

With vast experience operating on the cloud and certified as an AWS Consulting Partner, our experts are more than capable to help you migrate, run, and manage your Microsoft Workloads on the AWS Cloud Platform. Working with Bespin you are reassured of quick and secure deployment and management of Windows applications on EC2 instances with minimal disruptions.

Why run Microsoft Workloads on AWS?

You are supported with all you need and require building and running Windows applications on AWS, which include Active Directory, .NET, Windows desktop-as-a-service, and all supported versions of Windows Server. Coupled with our demonstrated experiences on the cloud, our local team of experts can lift-and-shift, refactor, and even modernize your Windows Workloads.

The Largest Cloud Platform

The AWS cloud runs nearly 2X more Windows server instances than the next largest public/private cloud provider.

Growth & Operational Sustainability

Enterprise customers who run Amazon EC2 for Windows servers have experienced 5X growth since 2015.

Optimize Cloud Spending

By right-sizing instances, with Migration Evaluator, you can take advantage of a 36% saving over 3 years.

Empower MS Workloads with Bespin Global and AWS

Flexible Licensing

Be it a new or existing Microsoft license(s), Bespin Global offers multiple options that enable clients to use their licenses on the AWS cloud - bringing them in using Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance.

Strategic Migration

Reach your migrations goals, quickly, and with minimal downtime. Bespin's team of experts has the capabilities required to migrate legacy Windows Server Applications to the latest supported version of Windows Servers on AWS, accomplished through our certified AWS End-of-Support Migration Program and AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).


Accelerated Growth, Driven Operational Efficiency, and Achieved Long-term Costs are some of the benefits seen by running Windows on AWS. Coupling these benefits with Savings Plans provided by AWS, and Bespin offerings that bring in up to 72% off in EC2 Instances and EC2 Spot, clients effectively realize costs savings in compute instances for fault-tolerant workloads.

Strong Security & Backup

Protect your Microsoft Workloads with the highly secure AWS infrastructure and networking services, equipped with over 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features. Working with Bespin our team will ensure that clients possess tailored backup solutions for company data.

In-Depth Control & Accessibility

Bespin Global ensures that organizations have complete control and visibility over all virtual servers when migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS EC2 Instances.

Deep & Board Functionalities

Hosting on the leading cloud provider in the market, organizations gain access to a much broader and, in most cases, a deeper range of functionalities and services that support their Microsoft-based applications.

Our Expert Capabilities

Most businesses around the world run Windows operating system. Gain the ability to combine the app modernization on Microsoft with the flexibility and efficiency of the AWS Cloud when partnering with Bespin Global to migrate Microsoft Workloads on the AWS Cloud through a complete range of certified AWS services.

  • Database Solutions: Making SQL server installations ready for Amazon Redshift and Aurora services; and EC2 and RDS workload migrations.
  • Migration of Microsoft Workloads: Leveraging the latest and most efficient technologies to evaluate & plan or automate & manage the migration of Microsoft Workloads onto AWS.
  • Optimizing Cloud Operations: Deploying technologies that optimize and automate Microsoft workloads in crucial areas like security, availability, and administration.
  • Data, Analytics, Machine Learning: Introducing technologies for preparing, converting, analyzing, and managing Microsoft SQL Server Data for optimal and sustained data analysis and machine learning.

Bespin Global is an APN Technology Partner providing software solutions hosted on the AWS Cloud.

A recognized leader as an APN Premier Consulting Partner with vast knowledge and experience deploying solutions on AWS for clients of every size, across numerous industries, markets, and geographies.

An MSP Partner providing full lifecycle solutions to clients for cloud infrastructure and migration, in 4 key areas i.e. Plan & Design, Build & Migrate, Run & Operate, and Optimize.

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