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Founded in 2006, Veeam is an industry leader in providing the fastest and most reliable Data Recovery and Backup Solutions for Cloud Data Management in virtual environments. With the flexibility to fit into any environment, Veeam’s solutions are simple to install and operate, ensuring your data work for you, at all times, across the globe.

With a strong experience delivering solutions to more than 375,000 customers globally, Veeam is an important tool that enables you with the resources required to transform data protection whether that be in single, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.

Why Choose Bespin Global and Veeam for your Cloud Backups and DR?

Best-in-Class Backup

Bespin Global provides complete data protection by integrating Veeam's industry-leading backup solutions with the basic cloud-based backup features available on the cloud.

Automated Operations

Leveraging automation capabilities to efficiently discover new workloads & applications, determine the best backup process and verify its recovery on the cloud to increase availability.

Enhanced Confidence

Bespin Global extends your backup onto the cloud to give you the confidence and assurance that your data is always protected, even as your environment evolves and expands.

Coupling our managed cloud services with Veeam’s highly capable and reliable backup & replication platform, you gain easy and fast access to one of the most modern cloud-based backup solutions, that help you secure business data and accelerate migrations. We equip you with the resources you require to reduce business resources tied to legacy data protection and enable you to focus more on core innovation projects that drive business growth.

Optimize your Billing with BESPIN

Leverage every advantage of cloud resell services with Bespin Global.

When you choose to transfer your billing through us, you unlock exclusive discounts and benefits. Our tailored cloud solutions are designed to optimize your resources and scale your infrastructure efficiently.

Partner with us for a seamless transition and savings on your cloud services.

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