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Managing your AWS Cloud

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A managed service aimed directly at making the establishment, operation, and scalability of databases easier, Amazon RDS offers great value to organizations of every size through cost-effective features that include auto-scaling, failover, security patches, and backup. Our experts utilize and implement RDS, by aligning the customers’ requirements and demands, with the best practices suited to their migration, thus offering unmatched service quality in terms of availability, reliability, performance, and cost.

Enjoy the luxuries of breaking free from legacy databases and building new applications with a team of AWS experts ready to assist you with your unique journey.

Simplify Administration

quickly & easily launch database instances and configure the connection to business apps within minutes

Being a managed service, most administrative tasks will be handled and taken care of by AWS; allowing you and your teams to focus more on the developmental cycle – to enhance and improve business apps and products.

Schedule updates and patches at a time convenient for your business, with the assurance that backup is completely automated. We’ll manage your RDS using database-specific tools; allowing you to launch database instances and configure app-database connections with ease.

Improve Reliability

improving availability by maintain a replica that is always in sync with the primary database

Not only offering read replicas if your business requires a database for ready-heavy workloads with asynchronous replication but a multi-availability zone option can also be used for high-availability and synchronous replication. These replicas are designed to be in sync with the primary database to not only kick in but replace the current primary whenever required, whereas a cross-regional read replica stays available for workloads distances across regions. AWS read replicas can be manually promoted to standalone or primary databases depending on the engine chosen.

Access to Different Engines

MariaDB · MySQL · Oracle · SQL Server · PostgreSQL · Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is an AWS offering designed for scaling database applications with high availability, without a requirement for personalized or specialized tuning; made for mySQL compatible databases.

Increased Scalability

swiftly scale compute and storage resources with zero downtime

Even with dynamic workloads, RDS’s built-in storage auto-scaling feature will automatically scale storage capacities to match business needs, while the read replica feature provides durability, by serving all read requests to offload computing usage from the main RDS.

Cost Effective

leverage the full power of one of the most popular AWS services

Through simple economies-of-scale, AWS offers you RDS’ popular services at a fraction of the cost. Working with Bespin Global we will maximize your organizational benefit by offering pocket-friendly and flexible payment terms for either on-demand or reserved instances, with up-front or long-term commitments.

Enhanced Security

keeping your data and your information secure, all time every time

To keep your data and information secure, we make sure your RDS and snapshots are always encrypted whether that be in transit or at rest. Security being our utmost priority, we encrypt your data by directly using different AWS features like AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

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