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About Eighty6

Founded in 2021 and launched in January 2022, Eighty6 is a cutting-edge B2B online marketplace transforming how the food service sector procures goods and services. The company’s innovative platform streamlines and simplifies the entire procurement process, connecting F&B suppliers with buyers in a seamless and efficient manner.

As a comprehensive e-commerce solution, Eighty6 bridges the gap in fulfillment and communication between suppliers and buyers. Buyers can review, place, and track orders on the go, while vendors can effortlessly aggregate, promote, and communicate with thousands of potential buyers at the touch of a button.

“With so many users transacting on Eighty6, we need robust IT infrastructure that offers high capacity – at a manageable cost.” – says Abdul Kader Saadi, Founder of Eighty6. Seamless integration, powerful analytics, and intuitive UI all matter in handling the demands of the Eighty6 client base, ensuring a seamless user experience for both suppliers and buyers.

The Challenge

As an online B2B marketplace Eighty6 relies on AWS services such as EC2, S3’s Route 53, and Redshift Glue for their business operations. The company has no on-premises infrastructure, with all technology provisioning occurring in the cloud.

In working with Bespin, an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), Saadi said that Eighty6 had found a reliable partner to manage cloud infrastructure and to keep an eye on costs. “In August 2022 came a moment when we really relied on that partnership.”

Last August, Eighty6 faced a technology incident that affected the company’s AWS consumption significantly. EC2 usage spiked, leading to abnormal activity on the account – alongside the associated outsize cloud computing costs.

As often happens with these incidents, Eighty6 was completely unaware that it was happening at the time – and that’s when Bespin stepped in as a FinOps partner.

The Solution

Through the OpsNow platform, Bespin monitors the systems and infrastructure of its clients more frequently than the CSP (cloud service providers) their clients depend on. Thanks to this frequent monitoring, the team at Bespin Global rapidly caught the spike in usage on Eighty6’s systems.

“The seriousness of the usage spike mandated an immediate investigation. We rapidly responded to try to discover why resource usage spiked the way it did – working to discover the root cause of the problem”
-Dania Alrefai, Senior DevOps Engineer at Bespin Global MEA

With the problem now identified, Bespin started a repair and clean-up process to fix the erroneous code causing the usage spike.

This process nonetheless took place over a period of time which meant that AWS usage continued to be high – incurring ongoing excess costs for Eighty6. It simply wasn’t possible to fix the problem instantly without taking the company’s services offline.

However, as an AWS partner, Bespin Global has a close relationship with AWS. “Though we know that Eighty6 is liable for all costs incurred on its AWS instances, we’re grateful that Bespin nonetheless liaised with AWS to negotiate a discount on the excess cost – based on usage history and past billings”, said Saadi.

The final excess amount on the Eighty6 AWS bill was significantly reduced. Bespin also helped Eighty6 set up a budget for their AWS account, and the company now receives notifications from OpsNow warning Eighty6 when usage is exceeding limits.

End Result

Thanks to Bespin and OpsNow, Eighty6 was alerted to the abnormal activity on their AWS account and took swift action to prevent a potential security breach. The company also saved substantial money on its AWS bill, and they now have better control over its cloud infrastructure costs.

“We found working with the Bespin team to be very effective, and we appreciated the MSP’s willingness to negotiate with AWS on our behalf. We’re exploring the idea of a professional services deal with Bespin to take advantage of their AWS solution architecture skills”
– Abdul Kader Saadi, Founder of Eighty6

The company is enjoying ongoing use of Bespin’s OpsNow platform for automation, cost optimization, analysis, and monitoring for cloud management, operations, and other Eighty6 IT processes. Aside from ongoing monitoring, Eighty6 benefits from ongoing cost optimization through OpsNow. OpsNows also supports group management and provides smart functions for resource usage analysis and management.

In conclusion, Bespin Global’s service saved the day for Eighty6, and the MSP’s expertise helped the company avoid a potential security breach and reduce costs significantly. This case study demonstrates the importance of having a reliable MSP to help manage cloud infrastructure effectively.


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