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About MALY Tech

Founded in 2022, MALY Tech Ltd. is a private FinTech startup established with a mission to improve the financial wellness of people across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)—a leading international financial hub for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region—MALY launched its innovative bank-linked savings app designed to help consumers build a healthier relationship with money.

The Challenge

“As a FinTech startup, our aim was to develop an innovative savings app backed up by a range of features to help consumers improve their financial wellness. We wanted to create a captivating user experience combining industry-leading features and functionality with on-demand performance and 24×7 availability.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

Launched in May 2023 in UAE, the MALY app offers a comprehensive range of tools and techniques to help people start and grow their savings. MALY helps consumers make financially beneficial decisions when faced with countless options in an overcrowded market. Furthermore, by automating and simplifying the savings process, MALY enables users to reach their financial wellness and lifestyle goals faster.

“One of the first decisions we made was to partner with Bespin,” continues Ibrahim. “We’ve worked with the Bespin team for almost four years on different projects and product launches, so we knew exactly the level of service and support we could expect to receive. So, choosing Bespin as our technology partner wasn’t much of a decision. It was a no-brainer. ”

“One of the first decisions we made was to partner with Bespin, we’ve worked with the Bespin team for almost four years on different projects and product launches, so we knew exactly the level of service and support we could expect to receive. So, choosing Bespin as our technology partner wasn’t much of a decision. It was a no-brainer.”
Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

The Solution

“To meet MALY’s goals, it needed to be well thought out from the beginning. We didn’t want to do something quick and then regret it and have to redesign everything from scratch.”

-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

1- Choosing the Right Partner

“We developed the initial design and architecture in-house, but once we were ready to deploy in a test environment, we consulted with Bespin to validate and fine-tune the design based on their experience and best practices. They’ve been very helpful in terms of providing advice, guidance, and support with some final touches on the design itself and making sure the deployment reflects the best possible for both ourselves and our customers.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

MALY relied on several strategic partnerships to help develop and launch its flagship app. These include collaboration with leading FinTech companies like DAPI, a provider of open banking APIs enabling fintech-based apps to access real-time banking data and initiate payments from the user’s bank account, and Nymcard, a cloud-based issuer processor enabling fintech and financial innovators to quickly launch frictionless virtual and plastic card payment programs built on modern infrastructure.

“Bespin is our trusted partner and MSP for cloud deployment and operations, but there will be a range of partnerships—both now and in the future—to help increase the richness and usefulness of the platform and the associated product. The fintech space is evolving rapidly, but with Bespin as our core infrastructure partner, we believe we can become a leader in our target segment.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

2- Choosing the Right Strategy

“We chose to go with a cloud-native microservices approach since we believe that’s the right choice for a direct-to-consumer product in terms of the use of technology, availability of tools, and cost efficiency, The next decision was whether we chose AWS, Google, Microsoft, or something else as our cloud platform. Ultimately, we decided on AWS because we had prior experience and the platform has proved scalable and efficient.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

Bespin and MALY also used the project to introduce state-of-art DevOps best practices and tools to automate the development workflow and software deployment. After evaluating MALY’s planned environment and processes, Bespin recommended a suite of AWS technologies that could be seamlessly integrated and used to test the MALY app during the various integration and deployment phases from both a code and a functionality perspective.

“We felt that the best way to meet MALY’s business objectives was to build the microservices-based MALY app on AWS Fargate and deploy it using various CI/CD technologies”
-Hamzeh Shaghlil, Technical Account Manager at Bespin Global MEA

3- Leveraging a Modern Infrastructure

Providing increased availability, MALY’s platform runs cross-functional microservices on AWS Fargate, with different resource pools assigned for staging and production. Compatible with both Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), AWS Fargate is a serverless, pay-as-you-go compute engine that provides on-demand, right-sized compute capacity, eliminating the need for administrators to provision, configure, or scale groups of virtual machines to run containers.

Bespin deployed MALY using an integrated data platform comprising Amazon RDS and Atlas MongoDB. Amazon RDS, a relational database service, was deployed to take advantage of the automated backup, multi-availability zone deployment, and encryption at rest capabilities, while Atlas MongoDB, a non-relational document database, allows users to focus on shipping features by reducing architectural complexity and seamlessly scaling operations.

In addition, AWS CloudFront, a developer-friendly, fast content delivery network (CDN) service is used to provide fast, low-latency delivery of admin content worldwide. At the same time, with AWS WAF, MALY’s web applications are protected against common web exploits that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

4- Streamlining Workflows

“We decided to use AWS CodePipeline, a fully managed pay-per-use service, to automate the release pipeline for fast, reliable app updates. The MALY code is retrieved from the GitLab repository and deployed via AWS CodePipeline; first to the staging environment and then, after testing, to production.”
-Hamzeh Shaghlil, Technical Account Manager at Bespin Global MEA

Triggered by a code change, AWS CodePipeline enables developers to rapidly and reliably deliver new features and updates via a continuous delivery service that automates the build, test, and deploy phases of the release process. CodePipeline also enables new deployments to be validated in a staging environment before changes are pushed to end users in production.

“By combining AWS CodePipeline with AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy, we can seamlessly build, test, and deploy code as part of MALY’s release process. Since every app is different and each containerized microservice can be independently updated, we implemented and tested various deployment strategies to help ensure that MALY’s upgrades were seamless and unnoticeable to the end user.”
-Hamzeh Shaghlil, Technical Account Manager at Bespin Global MEA

5- Increasing Efficiencies

“Once it’s released to a wider audience, we expect the use of the MALY app to vary significantly from one day to the next. As a result, we need to be confident that our platform can scale seamlessly with maximum availability. We could manage it ourselves, but is it really necessary? We’re true believers in collaborating with the best in class to realize the best outcome. That’s why we’re working with Bespin as our MSP.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

In addition to providing 24/7 integrated support services—including application and infrastructure monitoring, incident response, backup, and disaster recovery—Bespin’s Managed Services team works directly with MALY’s team to evaluate different environment metrics—including availability, governance, and performance—using Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail to make recommendations for optimizing the environment. As a result, the MALY app and MALY’s workload components are continually optimized using AWS and Bespin financial, operational, and security best practices.

“Bespin’s managed services team also supports MALY by tracking cost and usage trends. By analyzing the information to detect usage trends and resource constraints during the stealth phase, we’re better positioned to optimize the platform and provide cost management recommendations when MALY is officially launched to a wider consumer base.”
-Hamzeh Shaghlil, Technical Account Manager at Bespin Global MEA

End Result

“Deploying MALY using a microservices architecture running on AWS in partnership with Bespin offers significant technical and business benefits, We’ve been able to achieve our goals by both teams working together closely to deliver the best we can. Overall, it’s been a very satisfactory project because we’ve been able to bring together the best people to create the best possible experience for our end users.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech

The microservices architecture allows the MALY app to be deployed quickly and immutably while ensuring high availability, scalability, and self-healing of containerized workloads. Furthermore, with automatic deployment and release of new features—underpinned by a fully managed environment—MALY enjoys complete flexibility, making it easy to bring new fintech innovations to market.

“I’ve been working with Bespin for several years, and they’ve never let me down. What I appreciate the most is the level of consistency and professionalism that the team exhibits at all times. Of course, we’re also delighted with the deployment itself and the support we received. That’s why we’re using Bespin as our cloud management service provider. We believe in assigning the task to the best out there.”
-Mo Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of MALY Tech


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